VA Loans with Bad Credit: A Guide

Housing is a basic necessity that everyone has. In today’s world, it is difficult to obtain any financial help from banks or financial institutions if you have a poor credit history. However, there are government agencies which provide financial help for various purposes to people from lower income groups and people with certain disabilities. Veterans and veteran’s spouses may often present a need for financial assistance.

Many times, government agencies provide this financial assistance even though people may have bad credit history. There are several agencies from the government which provide housing assistance to people as well. Some of these agencies are federal government, Veterans Administration, federal housing affairs, HUD and several others. Most of these agencies provide assistance in one form or another to help people who are in the low-income group who are less able to take care of themselves.

Before you even think about applying for ANY sort of loan, you need to be sure just how bad your credit is. This is not something you just want to ignore — you want to know exactly what your credit score and credit history is, because the loan officer at the end of the day will be looking at the exact same thing. You can order a credit report via the mail (it takes a while) for free, or you can use a service like’s $1 Credit Check Special (you sign up and get a free trial where you can see your credit history).

Loans for people with bad credit

Many people suffer from bad credit nowadays. Getting loans for bad credit is almost impossible with respect to banks and financial institutions. Bad credit spoils the dreams of many people. Almost everybody has a dream that they will one day own a house of their own. This dream cannot be realized by many people because they can’t get loans due to having bad credit.

It is almost unheard of for banks to provide financial help to people who have bad credit. Banks are in a difficult spot financially right now, and they hesitate to offer loans to people who are at high risk for defaulting. Rarely, in some cases they may provide financial assistance but they charge them high interest rates. Either way, this is not good for the borrower.

Due to bad credit, there are many people who cannot secure financial help from banks or financial institutions and are forced into foreclosure or any other such difficulty. Bad credit has become an increasing menace in the financial world due to the recent recession. There are many financial institutions who claim that they provide financial help to people with bad credit history but they do charge exorbitant interest rates. This can cause a downward spiral for a borrower and may make a difficult financial situation even worse.

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Financial assistance from government agencies

Most of government agencies provide financial assistance to everyone even though they may have bad credit history. For example people can get VA loans with bad credit. People can also apply for housing grants with bad credit, business grants with bad credit, and the list goes on. Grants are a viable source of help for people who are low income and have bad credit. The main difference between government agencies and private financial institutions seems to be that the government agencies actually tried to help the borrower to reduce the weight of the borrowing whereas private institutions seem to want to make money out of their lending.

Receiving VA loans with bad credit

VA loans are loans that assist veterans to purchase houses. These loans have an objective to help the veterans who served in the World War II to purchase houses. Just like any other government home loan program, VA loans also are subject to change in rules, requirements and policies. Some of the qualifications which remain constant for VA loans are that:

  • the person or the borrower should be a veteran who served in the United States military during the World War II either actively or otherwise
  • the borrower should be a spouse of a deceased veteran who has not remarried

People from either of these categories are eligible to receive VA loans. The good thing about these VA loans is that even if your credit history is bad you can still apply for a VA loan. There is no down payment requirement in most cases either. A down payment is required only if the lender explicitly states that the borrower should make a down payment before getting the loan. These instances are rare, but they do occur at times.

Applying for VA loans

Applying for the loan is quite simple as well- even if you have bad credit. The application processes is not very complicated. The applicant will need to get a certificate of eligibility from the Veterans Administration. The certificate can be obtained either through the Internet, through the lender, or directly by mail. Of course, the fastest way to take care of this is to go through the Internet.

The certificate is mandatory and all applications will be processed only if the certificate exists. In order to receive the certificate, the proof of military service should be sent to the Veterans Administration.

The next step involved is to decide which home to buy. After deciding which home you wish to buy, you’ll need to sign the purchase agreement. This ensures that you intend to purchase the house.

After that, the next step which is required is that an appraisal must be ordered from the Veterans Administration. The appraisal can be ordered either by using the Internet or it can be ordered by mail.

As the appraisal is being done, it is necessary that if you choose a lender for the loan. This lender should be authorized by the VA to process your loan. If the lender is authorized by VA then there will not be a requirement that you should wait for the VA to review the credit application. For the loans that have to be approved by the VA, the lender will be notified when and if the VA has approved the loan.

After all the steps have been followed, if the loan has been approved the next step would be to close on the loan and move into the house.

Other financial assistance options for veterans: government grants

Government grants are essentially free money that is received by any citizen of the United States and does not have to be paid back. There are grants available for veterans, so you should do research to find out if you qualify to receive one of thse. A veteran may want to try to apply to a grant to find out if he or she can receive financial assistance through a grant since this does not have to be repaid. The government is entitled to provide this money to every taxpaying citizen of the United States. However, because many people are not aware of government grants, these grants go unclaimed every year.

Just as you can receive VA loans with bad credit, government grants can also be received with bad credit. There are so many businesses and individuals who are making use of these government grants in order to improve their business, expand their business, pay their medical bills, pay their personal bills, etc. The best part about these grants is that they do not need to be paid back at all. This means that the money that is received from these grants is completely free.

Can I get housing grants with bad credit?

As was mentioned earlier, housing is a basic need for everybody. However, most people are unable to afford to purchase a house of their own. In most cases the reason is that they do not have sufficient finances to purchase a house. The government provides grants to all sorts of people. These grants are given in different forms. One of the forms is housing grants.

Housing grants are given to those people who lack finances or who are of low-income groups who cannot purchase a house without financial aid. Veterans may fall into this category. These grants are given to people in order to help them either make their down payments or make the regular monthly payments.

For people who have a dream for owning their own house, these grants are highly useful. These grants are given to anyone, even to people with a bad credit history. Unlike private financial institutions and banks, the government is more lenient towards the citizens and therefore helps them by providing free financial aid to purchase a house or for any other need. Housing grants can be received from state governments, federal government sources and some financial institutions as well.

Bad credit and housing loans

In today’s economy, it is highly improbable that anyone would receive any kind of loan from a bank or any financial institution if they have bad credit. Housing loans are no different from any other loans in the fact that they are not given freely if your credit is bad.

However, it is possible to get VA loans with bad credit. Government grants are another option available for veterans with bad credit. If a person is suffering from financial difficulty, the best option would be to go to a government source for help. There are several government agencies and institutions that offer loans at either low-interest rates or even free of cost at times, such as in the case of VA loans. If you are a veteran, it is wise to make use of VA loans and housing grants while they exist.

Can I Get a Home Loan with Bad Credit History?

If you want to know how to buy a house for people with bad credit, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you are not going to get the same deal as someone with good credit. And second, be prepared the put more work in to secure a bad credit mortgage loan. And third, you certainly can get a home with poor credit, but you it’s going to be a bit of a struggle.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are two kinds of loans: secured and unsecured loans. Things like mortgages and student loans are usually considered unsecured loans because the borrower does not put any sort of collateral down for the loan. A secured loan is where you put down some collateral against the loan. If you don’t repay the loan, you lose the house. Most business loans are secured loans.

Now, if you have bad credit and you want to get a mortgage, the first place you should check out is online. There are special companies that work with bad credit cliental. These companies offer loans to people with poor credit. There are many of these bad credit mortgage lenders to choose from if you look around online.

If you are looking at online mortgage lenders for people with bad credit, you should do a lot of comparison shopping. The interest rates and loan fees charged by each company will differ – sometimes dramatically. You can manually search for these lenders online or you can find a mortgage website that allows you to do mortgage comparison searches. The main thing is that you need to look around to get the cheapest bad credit loan deal possible.

Now, you should not that bad credit loans will be high interest, sometimes very high interest. But, you can use these loans to rebuild your credit history while being a homeowner. In a couple years, your credit should have improved enough to see to refinancing your mortgage for a better interest rate.

Another option, should you not wish to go through an online bad credit lender, is to visit a bank or credit union. Now, you should know right now that these lenders will not give you an unsecured mortgage if you have very bad credit. But, if you have a large down payment on the house and you can make a convincing case, they may give you a sort of secured bad credit mortgage. Lenders like it when someone has a large down payment; it means you are serious about buying the house and show more responsibility.

If you are trying to convince a traditional lender to give you a loan with poor credit history, you are going to have to give some good reason why you have bad credit. These reasons should not include any “damming” information like “I was irresponsible with my credit card” etc. The point is that you want the lender to trust you enough to help finance your mortgage.

If you want to know how to buy a house with very bad credit, the best way is to fix your credit score. This is actually vital – bad credit means you will always face a uphill battle to get any sort of loan financing, and you will pay more. If you don’t want to deal with this, then improve your credit. The best way to improve your credit is to have some sort of credit which you consistently pay. If you get a mortgage, you can improve your credit by making payments on time. If you have a credit card, make small payments and immediately pay off your card. Doing this will help to rebuild your credit in a couple years time, letting you qualify for better loans in the future.

If you want to know how to get loans from people with bad credit, the main thing you will have to realize is that you are going to have to face some rejection. Not every lender you apply to will give you a loan – bad credit lenders and regular lenders alike. If you don’t have a large sum of money for a down payment, and you can’t wait a couple years to improve your credit, then you are looking at getting a bad credit sub-prime mortgage from one of the online vendors that specialize in sub prime mortgages.